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Arc Of A Shooting Star

Not everyone gets a second chance… if you do, make sure you don’t blow it…

After a decade in self-imposed isolation, Will Harding is “bitch-slapped” out of his cosy existence by Mother Nature. The ordeal makes him realise there’s unfinished business to attend to. Alone and adrift, he craves company yet finds most people “bloody” annoying.
A phone call from his deceitful ex-manager sets in motion a chain of random events that will change his life. For a man with little patience, he is cast back into a world of chaos, egos, drugs and strange coincidences with hilarious consequences.
Will begins to question everything and everyone. Is he in charge of his own fate or just a pawn in someone else’s game?

“Great British storytelling with wit, grit and characters you can almost smell and touch. If you like Ben Elton, Nick Spalding, Iain Banks or Nick Hornby then this will be right up your street…”
“A rip-snorting, brutal laugh riot, that will keep you enthralled to the end.”
“A story of friendship, love and betrayal. Arc Of A Shooting Star is the debut novel from a thrilling new writer who aims to entertain and doesn’t disappoint…”


Amazon Reviews

“Simon Northouse gets it completely correct. His characters are superb, the action and plot are astounding…”
“Both narrative and dialogue are hysterically funny, but can also be very touching. A good story with a satisfying ending.”
“… full of emotion and drama and, importantly, outlandish humour. Yes, it’s definitely a laugh.”

Book 1 in the Shooting Star series.


Catch A Shooting Star

“The hilarious and gripping sequel to Arc Of A Shooting Star.”

What happens when you do the wrong thing for the right reason? Will Harding is about to find out……

Will, and his band, The Shooting Tsars, are re-invigorated from their successful “Resurrection Tour”. Joined by their wives, the band now manage their own affairs and all seems well in the camp.
However, Will is struggling. Constant nightmares and panic attacks are taking their toll. He knows the band’s finances cannot last forever and is pushed to the limit as he juggles the pressure of impending fatherhood and playing “fixer” to his dysfunctional band.
A lifeline appears in the form of a successful Hollywood producer who wants to use the band’s legendary “Bloom” mastertape for his latest film. Will must navigate sexism, shocking confessions and the idiocy of his own bandmates to survive.
However, there is one rule that is sacrosanct to him. A rule that if broken, could change everything. Is he about to go too far?

Catch A Shooting Star blazes a trail through ingrained misogyny, love, trust, friendship and passion in a compelling, and at times, hilarious read. It explores the ability we all have to justify our actions—no matter what the consequences.

“… deliciously funny and emotional.”
“I didn’t think book 1 in the series could be surpassed… I was wrong!”

Book 2 in the Shooting Star series.


Fall Of A Shooting Star

The road to salvation is never easy…

Will Harding is about to reap the consequences of his actions. With his band in stasis and still estranged from two of his band mates, Will, is at a low ebb.
When a couple of gangsters enter his life, he begins to realise the danger he has put everyone in. Torn friendships, a volatile marriage, ruthless killers, and putting up with Geordie would be enough to break any man.

Can Will, find the strength to save his marriage, his friends and… himself?
Find out the answers in this riveting, emotional and hilarious, roller-coaster of a book.

“A laugh-out-loud comic masterpiece that examines the DNA of friendships, love, hate and fear.”

Book 3 in the Shooting Star series.

The Resurrection Tour Diaries

The diary of a reluctant and grumpy rock star, his dysfunctional band, a dodgy tour manager and the reunion tour from hell!

This is Will Harding’s acerbic and hilarious tale of life on the road.

“If you like Ben Elton, David Sedaris, Nick Hornby and the like … you’ll love this!”

“Laugh-out-loud moments as the author conjures with words, puns, and even the irreverent aphorisms of foul-mouthed grandparents.”
“One of the funniest books I’ve read in years. Makes me want to read the whole series.”

I must admit, it was a funny joke, if told in the confines of a hotel room or backstage, but, one cannot say those things on a live radio broadcast! I wrote a letter of apology to the presenter and the radio station and Chas donated a cheque for five thousand pounds to the local Catholic Church hoping it would assuage the outrage of the nuns. Alas, it still didn’t stop rent-a-mob turning up outside the concert hall, shouting slogans and waving placards.
“Burn the Satanists”, “God will strike thee down”, “Ban the Tasers” and my own personal favourite, “Stop cruelty to guinea pigs”. I think that particular protestor may have got on the wrong bus. Robbo was going to inform the guy with the “Tasers” placard that he had spelt “Tsars” incorrectly, but I advised against it.
No doubt the tabloids will be screaming their feigned outrage in the morning. I can see the headlines now – “Rock Band’s Bad Habits Continue”, “An Unholy Mess” and “Sick Joke Is Nun Too Funny”. Due to the death threats we received, we thought it wise to hire a car and head straight to London the minute we got off stage.
It will be a very long time before we can play Bournemouth again—if ever—so there’s always an upside to everything.

Book 4 in the Shooting Star series.