New Book Release Today – Soul Love – Out Now!

The new book “SOUL LOVE” is out now! The series starter in the Soul Love Series.

Britain – 1983: A Day In The Life

The country is about to enter one of the most turbulent and divisive periods of the 20thcentury. To a backdrop of strikes, CND marches, anti-fascist demonstrations and political intrigue, two worlds are about to collide.

From the author of the Shooting Star books comes a brand new series – Soul Love
In the rancorous days of the early eighties, one young man’s life will change forever. Down, but definitely not out, young Jimmy is about to find love. For Victoria, a girl who thought she was incapable of love, she is about to find, Jimmy.

Meet, Jimmy, a young photographer. Out of work and out of luck, he still has an unquenchable lust for life. He may not have much, but he knows how to have a good time.

Meet, Sofe, Jimmy’s rather serious flatmate. Focused solely on getting her degree, she has put love on the back‑burner—will she regret it?

Meet, The Hipnotikz, a local three-piece band. Jimmy truly believes that greatness awaits them.

Meet, Marky, Jimmy’s best mate. A political warrior and champion of the working class, Marky is a cadet reporter for a large regional newspaper and must tread carefully.

Meet, Dave Dee, sub-editor of the local newspaper and Marky’s father-like mentor. Old school, Dave is a reporter who still believes in integrity.

Meet a ruthless, aristocratic politician whose thirst for power and control appear unstoppable. As he weaves his web and plots the downfall of his enemies, is there someone he has overlooked?

Meet the Baroness, a famous avant-garde artist whose bohemian friends are in direct contrast to her husbands standing in the community. She must juggle the life she really wants with the one that is expected of her.

Meet the cosseted and privileged young Lady who is loveless and incapable of love. Her dormant powers will soon ignite.

Spend, a day in the life of these flawed, yet fascinating characters, whose journey is about to begin. When their paths cross, there will be unseen consequences for all.